Police report progress in missing pregnant woman case

Tonight at 10, we have a new report on new information about the disappearance of a pregnant East Texas woman.  20 year-old Sheryia Grant was 8 months pregnant when she disappeared in April of last year.  Kilgore police say they think they know what happened to her.

Some of the people who struggle to control the damage wild hogs do in Texas were excited when the state announced a plan to poison the beasts.  Now, they are disappointed because those plans have been put on hold because of concerns about what that poison could do to more than just hogs.  Francesca Washington has a new report in which East Texans who  make their money from processing wild meat explain why the poison had them worried, too.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto will have a new forecast for you at 10.  Watch and see if you can expect rain from the weather where you live.