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Michael Jackson Reaction

Reaction to the Michael Jackson verdict today was mixed. Many East Texans say they weren't surprised by the verdict, but that didn't stop them from sharing their opinions about the trial.

"My first reaction they should make him a saint because he didn't do anything," says Mike McClure.
"I thought he was not guilty. That is what they said he's not guilty," says Ed Stark.

"I still like Michael Jackson and I don't know I just felt he wasn't guilty -- I couldn't see a human being doing something like that," says Dorothy Cohill.

"I guess he will go one making music," says Harold Watson. "The fact he was brought to trial says a great deal -- no one is above the law but unless you are proven guilty you are innocent -- no one hates child molester more than I -- but I would hate to think someone could be falsely accused if they are innocent," says Rand Huzenlaub. The trial lasted 4 months and 141 witnesses testified.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting. mmortensen@kltv.com


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