Gift of Love: FORthe1

Gift of Love: FORthe1
FORthe1 teaches foster children love.
FORthe1 teaches foster children love.

(KLTV) - Stacy Giesbrecht began her journey as a foster mother when most others were more interested in dating and starting careers.

"I choose to sacrifice that life for these kids. To show them what real love is and that they are worthy of it," Stacy said.

Stacy was running a preschool when she got the call, "    Would you be willing to foster parent these 3 boys?"

"I had a few hours. She said, I'm in court I need to know quickly," Stacy said.
Now 26 years old, Stacy has spent almost five years as a single foster-parent. Stacy is part of a nonprofit organization called FORthe1 a Ministry of Living Alternatives and her home is one of a handful who have taken in hurting children in East Texas. She has helped 8 children who have seen more in their few short years of life than most of us will ever experience in a lifetime.

"We take them and we therapeutically work with them. We just love them and just show them what it means to be loved," Stacy said.
Stacy welcomes the children into her home when they are broken, hurt, angry and scared. She spends every moment of her days and nights investing in their lives, communicating value to them, showing love and patience, commitment and safety, and providing constant but gentle discipline.

I've had children come from homes that completely neglect them. And they just put them in a back room to watch T.V. all day long.  There is no developmental stimulation. There is no people interaction. There is no social interaction. And they are just alone," Stacy said.

And while all of her foster children have asked her to adopt them, Stacy says her role is to be the bridge between brokenness and a forever family.

"I said no buddy that is not my job in your life. And I love you too much to take that away from you. God has a great family for you and I don't want to take that away from you and I but you are safe with me until then," Stacy said.

Stacy has watched these children transform to healing while the ministry actively looks for and trains forever families to meet the special behavioral and emotional needs of the children. A permanent family that can show these children the Gift of Love.

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