No. 5 Mount Vernon in the mix for state title for the first time in program history.

No. 5 Mount Vernon in the mix for state title for the first time in program history.

The Mount Vernon girl's basketball team is less than 24 hours away from making school history, by tipping-off against Buffalo in the state tournament.

"It's really crazy, because we've had some ups and downs through our whole season, but we've gone through it and we stuck it out. It's just a great feeling to be going to state this year," said Myshaila Stanton, senior Lady Tiger.

"I knew if we worked hard like we've been doing all year, and every season, that it would come," said JaKayda Fountain, junior Lady Tiger.

For the Lady Tigers, who fell one win short of a state appearance last season, this journey proves that they can do anything they set their minds too.

"We all made a pack that we wouldn't feel like that again, and here we are today," said Fountain.

"They want to put the time in to be really good, and that's why we are successful. It's not just what we do during athletic time, but they are putting a lot of time in on their own," said Brad Floyd, Head Coach of Mount Vernon girl's basketball.

The year 2017, will always mark the first time Mount Vernon made it to the state tournament. However, it could be remembered as one of many years to come. Coach Floyd is working with an extremely young team, and whether the Lady Tigers end their journey in the state semifinal or state championship game they will only have to say goodbye to one senior.

"For next year's sake, it's going to be a great experience. Hopefully there are going to be a lot of young ladies that are already in our program or going to be in our program in the future that are sitting their in the bleachers watching this wanting to have the same experience," said Coach Floyd.

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