Gift of Love: Michael

Gift of Love: Michael

(KLTV) - It was an afternoon of learning Taekwondo at Tiger Rock Martial arts for Michael. This 15-year-old is a kind-hearted young man that likes to be kept busy and enjoys physical activity.

I like to play football. Do you have a favorite position? Defensive end," Michael said.
This 9th grader also enjoys basketball and he like playing video games when spending time inside. Call of Duty is one of Michael's favorites.

He enjoys going to school and having a change of environment rather than just staying in the same place all day. Math is his best subject and he seldom has anything bad to say about school.

As for his future, Michael is interested in joining the Air Force. But he also has other plans.

Go to college and get my degree for a social worker.">

Michael says his experience of being in care for 10 years will help him connect with other children that need help.

"I want to help kids because I know how they feel," Michael said.

As for his forever family, Michael looks forward to family game nights and being together. Michael enjoys feeling connected to family and doesn't like being alone very often.

"Taking family trips, watch movies and stuff with them," Michael said.

Michael says he has two younger brothers and a younger sister that he would like to stay in touch with. This teenager says finding his own family would mean the world to him.

"A lot, because I've been a lot of places. How long have you been in care? Since I was 5," Michael said.

Michael says after a decade in care he wants more than anything to find his forever family.

"I just want a family that cares about me," Michael said.

A family to show Michael the Gift of Love.

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