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Jay Dean Wins Longview Mayoral Election

Jay Dean won 54% of the vote while his opponent,  Dr. Andy Mack received 46% of the vote.

Some Longview precincts had heavy turnout, as the long campaign comes to an end tonight in a race where both former councilmen worked to the very last minute to get out the vote. Election observers say today was a heavy turnout, as a steady stream of voters continuously showed up to polling places. Workers for both the Mack and Dean camps made their presence known at all of the polling places, often calling registered voters to make sure they would come out. Many voters we talked with still were not sure exactly which way they were going to right before they went into the booth. For many who did vote today, it was a chance to contribute in a tight race, knowing that their vote might be the one that means victory.

"I thought it was very important and I'm very honored to come ot and vote for who we think would be qualified for the job" said voter T.V. Crayton.

"We need to take part in the election process and its a privilege to do so and because we wanted the best man for mayor" said voter Betty Berry.

"Well since I always vote I believe I think everybody should vote and I saw the ratings in the paper an I hope some other people come out and vote," said Blanche Mosher.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.  bhallmark@kltv.com


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