Better East Texas: The importance of a free press

Better East Texas: The importance of a free press

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - President Donald Trump has continued to go through a stressed relationship with the national press.

His staff additionally, consistently finds itself at odds with reports in the media and reporters themselves. It is a frustrating dance that needs a solution.

One member of the president's cabinet, White House strategist and former Breitbart Chairman Steve Bannon declared the press as the opposition party. That may be true in part as elected officials and past presidents have had contentious relationships with the media. But the media has been labeled by the Trump Administration as the enemy of Americans and that is far from the truth.

The founders of our country recognized the importance of a free press by identifying it in the first amendment to the constitution.

Now, admittedly, there are multiple organizations – prominent media organizations - that freely mix commentary and their interpretation of the news with new reports and that is where the Freedom of the Press is abused – and it happens on both sides of the political spectrum – liberal and conservative. Fox News has a bit of an advantage right now because they get regular endorsements by President Trump but even they mix news and commentary at times.

It is a sour recipe because as news consumers the lines become very blurry between news facts and news opinion. But what must preserved is that we have a free press – the alternative is what we see in other countries where the government alone issues what the media will report and the press becomes a mouthpiece for whoever is in power and that is a truly dangerous situation.

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