Better East Texas: Limited access to elected officials

Better East Texas: Limited access to elected officials

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Much has been made, appropriately, about the current political division across America.

We have also seen reports of that division showing up when elected officials hold town hall style meetings where the elected representative works to interact with constituents in a group forum. In some cases, these meetings have been disrupted by individuals that disagree with the position of the elected official on specific issues.

Recently a group of protestors assembled in Tyler in a quest to demand Congressman Louie Gohmert hold a town hall meeting with constituents so they could deliver their message in person, face–to– face. Gohmert responded by saying he had no plans to hold town hall style meetings because of the recent disruptive actions by some in other meeting instances across the nation.

He indicated also that he has received threats through the years as a felony judge and that weighed on his decision as well. The congressman offers occasional telephone town hall calls where participants can and do have exchanges with him. It would be great if we could, as a country, without hesitation, have easy access to those representing us. But it is just not the case.

Whether it be the president, the governor, and now many other elected representatives, we are in an environment where face-to-face access is limited – mainly for safety reasons. We have to accept that. But, the challenge remains that our elected officials must be accessible somehow so that our voices can be heard and the will of people be respected.

Elected officials must go the extra mile to make that happen and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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