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Man Trapped In Lakeport Crane Accident

      A dramatic rescue attempt in Gregg county as a crane is just too much weight, it tips over a truck pinning the driver inside. It happened around 6:30 tonight, in the Lakeport area in southern Gregg county. The driver was turning from highway 322 to farm to market road 349 which is under construction. Authorities believe the driver tried to turn too quickly and the heavy crane just was too much weight. 21 year old "Jarred Watkins" of Gregg county was trapped inside. One man who witnessed to the wreck was an off-duty police officer.

    "As hard as he hit when it flipped over i just knew that the first thing i was going to find was a deceased person, he was hysterical he was very scared, he didn't know what had happened he was just real frightened he tried to get himself out but he couldn't move, i told him sir be still help is on the way" said accident witness and off duty Marshall police officer Vince Williams.

      Lakeport police, with the help of several other agencies, stabilized the truck to make sure it didn't fall any more. They then used the jaws of life to cut him out. And about two hours after the original accident, they were finally able to pull Watkins out. He was aware and conscious, but he was life flighted to a local hospital to check for injuries.

   Bob Hallmark reporting.

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