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Wild Mustang Adoption In Marshall

Wild mustangs that have run free on the open ranges, are now being put up for adoption in East Texas. The wild mustang is descended from horses brought over by the conquistadors in the 1500s. They run by the thousands in Wyoming, Nevada and Oregon. Today was the first of a two-day sale put on by the Bureau of Land Management.

"We just came down to see if we could get us a mustang, I think we're gonna leave here with three of them," says Winnsboro rancher Becky Bradshaw.

85 of the spirited animals were up for sale and adoption in the City of Marshall Arena. Some of the horses could be had for a $125 adoption fee. There were people from East Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana ready to take them home.

"We're animal lovers and we decided it would just be a wonderful thing to come down and adopt some horses we've got plenty of land, places for them to roam," says rancher Ken Bradshaw.

In all, 40 horses were adopted today.

"It'll give my horse a companion so it won't be lonely and i have a pretty big family all my family loves horses so it'll have a good home," says Longbranch rancher Rebecca Billingsly.

The adoption continues Saturday from 8 a.m.to noon.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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