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23rd Tomato Fest

The town of Jacksonville is seeing lots of red and a little green all over the place, but not to worry, it's all in fun. Today was the first day of the 23rd Tomato Festival. The big event, the best home- grown tomato contest. There were all kinds on display. The tiger-striped and the small cherry tomatoes. The winner for the largest tomato was David Claiborne for his prize of more than 645 grams. The first-place prize in the category, "Most Family Members, Plate of Three went to Julia and Jessica Gentiles."

They said, "Plant it in the ground and pour some water on it and wait until it grows a little, then you take care of it a lot. It's hard work."

There are all kinds of activities tomorrow. At 11:45 a.m., there is a tomato-eating contest. All day long, there will be an antique car show, farmer's market, auction and lots of food. All events take place in the Norman Activity Center downtown. Admission is free.

So, to answer the age-old question, "Is the tomato a fruit or vegetable?" In 1893, the Supreme Court ruled the tomato must be considered a vegetable, even though, botanically, it is a fruit.

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