Proud of East Texas: Pucky McGregor

Proud of East Texas: Pucky McGregor

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - "Pucky" McGregor may have started painting a little late in life, but she's made up for it by the variety of work she's produced.

Our Joan Hallmark takes us to McGregor's home at Holly Lake Ranch.

"That was my water skiing hat and she always liked to wear hats," McGregor said.

This portrait of Pucky McGregor's granddaughter has won numerous prizes at art contests.

"It's my husband's favorite and so unless we hit the bucket, she's not going to get it," McGregor said.

However, McGregor's family members don't have to worry since their homes are filled with her art., including her beautiful Christmas ornaments.  

"I've painted one for all of our kids that have been born and our son and daughter-in-law too. Their trees are filled only with the ornaments," McGregor said.

While the Christmas ornaments go to family members, McGregor's commissions can cover any subject, with paintings of children and family pets the most popular.

Some people buy them to give as gifts and they have their animals... usually it's a dog and sometimes it's a cat with a name like "Pucky", a nickname given to her as a baby by her uncle because she reminded him of a little elf, Edith "Pucky" McGregor was destined to be creative, although art did come late in life.

"A neighbor wanted to learn how to paint and she had no car and I said well, I'll carry you to classes," McGregor said.

The rest is history as they say, or in McGregor's case, hundreds of paintings later, her work is widely in demand.

Pucky McGregor usually paints during the night because she says her days are too busy. She uses pastels for her portraits and water colors for still lives, and she says her biggest satisfaction is making her commission customers happy.

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