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6/9/05 - Tyler

Amber Adair, Li'l Wrangler

When cancer strikes, it can be tough for a family to deal with, especially if it's a child. But each year, an event is held in east Texas to give those children a night of fun to celebrate life. It's called the "Li'l Wranglers' Roundup" and it's happening June 10th. In this report, we want you to meet the young lady selected as this year's ambassador. Here's Amber Adair, Tyler Cattle Barons' "Li'l Wrangler."

"These flowers are real pretty right here," says Amber Adair as she walks around the children's park in Tyler. Admiring the beautiful sites is quite an accomplishment. "I had a brain tumor when I was 4 and it messed up my eye sight. So, now I can't see out of one eye," explains Amber.

Amber was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. When it was discovered, her brain tumor was the size of an orange. She underwent several surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy. She now carries a telescope around her neck to help her do her school work.

Despite all that, this 15 year old keeps a positive outlook. "I just deal with what I have and I just learn to go with it and have fun with it," says Amber.

Dru Kolker is the Co-Chair of this year's "Li'l Wranglers' Roundup." She says Amber's attitude is one of the reasons she was chosen as this year's "Tyler Cattle Barons' Li'l Wrangler."

"I think it's important that we have someone who can show other children that are in her similar situation that you can do whatever you want to do and be whatever you want to be. She is just a great inspiration," says Dru.

Amber has attended every "Li'l Wranglers' Roundup" since it began in 1997. She says, "You get to enjoy the day without having to worry about everything you have to go through. It's a day away from all that trouble. It's just a day to relax."

Dru says, "It's a great support group because they don't have to explain to the other families what it's like or what it's like to be in their shoes."

When Amber does have a bad day, she turns to her faith. I asked her, "You like going to church? "Yes mama," she replied. "What do you pray for?" She says,"I pray for getting help at school with my balance, being able to do everything everybody else can do and not being teased. My prayers been answered. He has helped me a whole lot."

Amber appreciates the help she's been given and one day wants to give back, helping children. In the meantime, she's setting an example for all children to follow. "Even though I have a lot of things wrong with me and I'm short, that doesn't mean anything. I'm still just like them."

Amber is not only an inspiration, but hope for other families dealing with cancer.

The "Li'l Wranglers' Roundup" is held in conjunction with the Tyler Cattle Barons' Gala. The Gala is June 11th at Graham Farms in Bullard. For ticket information, call 903-597-1348. You can get directions and learn more about the live and silent auctions by going to our home page and click on the "Know More On 7" icon on the right side of the page and then click on the section titled "Tyler Cattle Barons."

Gillian Sheridan reporting.


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