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Longview Man Escapes Power Line

Dangling from a tree just inches above a live power line, a Longview man narrowly escapes electrocution. 20-year-old Jeremy Jordan was 30 feet up cutting limbs off a tree at a home for Dartmouth road ,when he realized a power line was buzzing around his feet.

"He told me that it shocked him and I told him to be still. It scared me. I thought there was some real damage at first, so I called 9-1-1," says Jordan's boss Mark Russell.

A branch that Jordan cut had fallen onto a power line, pulling it into the tree, only inches from his feet. A power line carrying 7,000 volts.

"I saw the wind blow the tree towards him, then we started seeing smoke. I thought maybe he was shocked," says area homeowner Herb Spady.

Emergency crews and power crews were quickly on the scene, as worried neighbors looked on. Not able to sit or climb, Jordan could only stand, knowing that a wrong move could cost him his life. Jordan was stranded for 30 minutes and very tired while crews were trying to get the power cut off.

"He kept saying his hands were burning and his muscles kept tightening up and shocking him, and he said he'd seen smoke on his feet," said Russell.

Seconds seemed like hours as Jordan struggled to hang on. Then finally came the news Jordan was desperate to hear. The power was cut.

"I'll probably give him a little vacation if he wants it," says Russell.

Jordan was taken to Good Shepherd Hospital where he was treated for minor burns and released.

Bob Hallmark, reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com


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