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Demand Up, Spike In Gas Prices Expected To Continue

The summer driving season is in full swing.

For the Memorial Day Holiday, we enjoyed prices almost 15 cents lower. But, the drop in price has hit the brakes.

It's that time of year when tires are burning up the pavement, and cars are burning up fuel fast.
"You have to have gas no matter what," said Lauren Tucker.

Service Advisor Richard Slaughter at Regency Shell said gas prices are at the mercy of the market. "When the truck comes in, delivers the gas, we know how much we've got to charge. That's the only warning we get," Richard.

So why the rise? Reports show more Americans hit the road over the past four weeks, increasing demand.

Gasoline supplies could shrink, forcing prices up. With summer travel, it seems a likely trend.

"I'm actually going to Oklahoma weekend after next," said Anthony Martinez, "and I'm worried about trying to keep up the money for the gas for that."

AAA said gas prices have risen by one cent a day for the past week. In East Texas, it's been a 10 cent jump. Something expected to continue.

According to AAA, the current state average is $2.05. Just last Friday the state average was under $2.

If you really want to gain some perspective in how far prices are going, this exact time last year the state average was $1.90.

"It's just up and down. I was looking and keeping up with it but now I am like, what's the use? You have to have it anyway," said Amber Turner.

Other drivers said much of the same. They have thrown in the towel and realized gas is another victim of inflation.

"We're probably going to keep going and just keep hanging in there," Anthony Martinez said.

"I'm hoping it will stay under $2," Richard Slaughter said, "but I have no control over that all."

Maya Golden reporting,

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