Better East Texas: Budget crisis and school bond elections

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The Frisco ISD is facing a budget crisis.  More in a minute on the cause of the crisis but the district, located near Dallas is facing a $30,000,000 shortfall this year.  

Several focus groups have been working to identify potential savings areas and they have a lot of ideas.  Several seem extreme, like having students act as custodians and clean their own classrooms – which, in some ways may not be so bad.

Another suggestion is to apply a $300 participation fee for athletes.  

Now back to the cause of the crisis: the Frisco ISD board approved a budget that assumed passage of a tax rate increase – so the school board went out on a limb and the limb broke.  Voters rejected the tax increase and now the district is in a big hole.  Something will have to give in the situation and it appears it could be the quality of the education in the district that is one of the fastest growing in Texas with thirty-five hundred new students last year.  

Shift to the east and we have Tyler and Mineola lining up for bond elections this spring that will fund new growth and construction bonds of $198,000,000 and $41,000,000, respectively. Both these districts are starting the process with community support and have identified the needs of the schools in the present and future but the decision ultimately rests with the voters.  We'll see how the bond elections go this spring, but our local districts appear to have planned a little better than Frisco and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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