The power to heal and the courage to make change

Chief Meteorologist Mark is in the First Alert Weather Center tonight.  He's tracking the possibility of heavy rain falling in East Texas.  Watch tonight at 10 and he'll let you know what you can expect from the weather where you live.

Tonight at 10, Lane Luckie joins us with a powerful, new Power of Prayer report.  He's introducing you to a woman who stood up to rebel army leaders in Africa and rescued thousands of kidnapped girls.  Sister Rosemary Nyirumba's sharing with you how faith gave her the courage to stand up and save those who had been abandoned.  Lane will also let you know how you can do something that seems small but can make a huge difference for the mission.

Khyati Patel has a new report about the strong statement a Lufkin group is making about moving past racial stereotypes.  Tonight at 10, she's introducing you to the man who's earned the 'Reverend Bettie Kennedy Racial Equality Award.'