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U.S. Airman Home In Time For Baby's Birth

While Marcus has been maintaining Air Force ammunitions in Osan, South Korea the past seven months, his wife, Shelley, has been holding down the fort in Flint with Dillon, 7, and Matthew, 2.

As if two boys were not already a handful, the family would continue to grow.

"It was planned as best we could," Marcus said. "It was close though because I got back, what, a day before."

A day before the Ellises would welcome a 7-pound, 12-ounce addition to their family -- their third son, Nathan -- and Shelley's mother, who's helping to keep the home a little less chaotic.

"I had my days where I just wanted to wring some necks."

There will likely be more of those days, as Marcus has to go back to South Korea for four more months. But for now, his wife and his boys are just getting used to having Dad around again.

"I know Shelley and I are going to go on a date," Marcus said.

"I'm just so glad I get to see my dad today," Dillon said.

Dillon has taken his dad's absence especially hard.

"Try not to cry. Sometimes I couldn't help it," he said, teary eyed.

"A lot of excitement about being back with the family," Marcus said. "And all the changes that have taken place. My boys have gotten bigger."

And they've acquired some new talents, while their father's been away.

"Bowling. Oh, yes, he's good at bowling," Marcus said of Dillon. "I didn't know that."

They'll have 30 days to rediscover each other and watch baby Nathan grow.

After Marcus completes his duty in South Korea, he'll come back to East Texas for 30 days, pick up his family, and they'll all move to Guam for at least the next two years. That's where Marcus will continue his service in the Air Force.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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