Gift of Love: Ky'lee

Gift of Love: Ky'lee

(KLTV) - 3-year-old Ky'lee is in awe as we make our way through Brookshires Wildlife Museum. Her favorite part, the monkeys playing Monopoly.

"Ky'lee is very fun loving. She likes to laugh, she likes to play with rattle type toys," Foster Mom Yvonne Dixon said.

Ky'lee is a very sweet child who smiles and make sounds in response to music and voices. Ky'lee also likes to watch Baby Einstein videos and swinging outside. She enjoys being held too.

"She had a traumatic brain injury when she was very young. So her brain is quite damaged. So she will be very developmentally delayed," Dixon said.

Ky'lee is unable to walk and uses a wheelchair. Her needs are met through the caregivers and nurses.

"She likes to crawl around on the floor. She rolls best. We are teaching her how to crawl. And she works in a walking frame and she walks all around the house," Dixon said.

Ky'lee's forever family needs to have some understanding that she will always need a family's help and supervision in meeting her day to day needs. This precious child needs a family who is nurturing, and understanding of her lifelong needs but able to see the importance of encouraging her to reach her potential.

"Someone that can laugh and love her just they way she is," Dixon said.

A family that can show Ky'lee the Gift of Love.

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