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Victims Threaten Lawsuit In Harrison County Blast

Victims of a gas line blast in Harrison county say their lives are still not back to normal. That's because of damage, they say, caused by the explosion to their homes, and no one is taking responsibility.

"No one has said anything to us and we're really angry that no one has come around to see if we're ok" says area resident Emma Williams.

For the last 3 weeks some Harrison county homeowners near highway 43 have been checking their homes to see what damage has been done from the pipeline explosion on May 13th.

"I don't know 6 months from now what might come up that I can't see right now, my property value has gone down cause we live next to this power plant nobody's gonna want to buy land or homes around here" says evacuee Roger Jones.

Homeowners in the area of the Entergy Plant suffered structural and cosmetic damage to their homes from the explosion the rocked the area, but many were outside the evacuation area, and are angry that the pipeline owner, Kinder Morgan, has not offered to pay for their damages.

"I'm very angry because I feel that we've been done an injustice we've been ignored, Kinder Morgan has not been in touch with any of us" says Williams.

The damages could be in the hundreds of thousands, as homeowners have found cracks and breaks in home structures and foundations.

"They're trying to put it off as long as they can and maybe some people will just forget about it, and that's not going to happen" says area homeowner Glen Woodall.

Many are angry, believing they've suffered chemical exposure, ands their health concerns have been discounted.

"People out here have suffered illnesses, headaches, nausea" Williams says.

Homeowners are banding together talking about possible legal action. Kinder Morgan has officially confirmed that the cause of the blast was "corrosion stress".

Bob Hallmark reporting.


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