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More Evidence Revealed In Smith County Courthouse Shooting

"This is the bullet proof vest that was actually underneath," says District Attorney Matt Bingham. More than three months after the tragic courthouse shooting, the District Attorney presented more evidence at the Smith County Peace Officer's monthly luncheon. 

"It maybe fills some unanswered questions, provides a little bit more of closure to them to the extent that it can and just helps answer some unanswered question they might have had," says Bingham. 

There were pictures of David Arroyo's body armor and evidence of the failed attempts to stop him. Bullet holes and the bullets themselves were found lodged in his blood-stained flack jacket. "It was extremely traumatic for me," says Ron Martell referring to the tragic day. 

Martell witnessed Arroyo's rampage, and wishes Mark Wilson, the innocent bystander who tried to stop Arroyo, knew what everyone else knows now. "He had a clear level of taking the guy down, he just had no idea he had body armor on, never once pulled above the body armor. So that's what cost Mark his life otherwise he would be here telling you this story instead of me," says Martell. 

Autopsy reports diagram the bullet wounds Arroyo suffered that day, including the fatal shot that entered the right side of his head. "This was just a horrific, touching event in the lives that were lost by Maribel Estrada and Mark Wilson, and the lives that could have been lost like that of Sherman Dollison and other officers," says Bingham. The investigation into the shooting is officially over, but the not the memories of that deadly afternoon.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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