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New Codes And Safety Compliance For Some Pools

With a number of drownings at public and private pools, the state of Texas is doing all it can to protect swimmers. That includes some new codes. Those codes are boosting safety, but also force owners of private pools to make speedy changes. These new codes affect mostly pools at apartment complexes.

"These codes that the state of Texas has recently updated, is going to put us online with the rest of the country," said Paul Adams with the Northeast Texas Public Health District.
Paul inspects pools and works with code enforcement.

"Most of the stuff we talked about are safety issues just trying to prevent people from hurting themselves," Paul said.

One pool at a Tyler complex is closed while crews get it up to par. It has just one drain. Something Paul said can be a potential hazard for swimmers, especially kids.

"If someone is trapped up against the drain and the pump is running there is so much suction they cannot be released from that and if someone doesn't come shut off the pumps or suction, that person can drown."

Under the new code, a second drain or a safety vacuum release has to be installed. Also, a visible stripe across the bottom of a pool must mark a change after five feet. Depth markers also have to be visible at and above the water line.

One other addition, toe lines. A line will mark the end of a step underwater so you can see the end of each step and not loose your balance.  Paul's checking everything from the size of letters on signs to floatation devices, all to protect you. 

We spoke to the owner of two Tyler apartment complexes who is making the changes to meet the codes.  He said though it's costly, he will do what it takes to make sure no one gets hurt.

Maya Golden reporting,

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