Better East Texas: Trump's relationship with Russia

Better East Texas: Trump's relationship with Russia

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - President Donald Trump conducted a one-on-one interview with the Fox News Channel that aired during the Super Bowl.

It is a tradition of presidents to do this and it is a good time to reflect on the first few weeks and see what the next items are on the presidential agenda.  Trump handled himself well for most of it but there were some challenging points brought up by Bill O'Reilly. The biggest headline maker was Trump's comments on Russia – specifically how he feels about Vladimir Putin and his thoughts on comparing the U.S. to Russia, specifically on the topic of killing political opponents.

There is little question that Putin and the Russian government have carried out such acts. Trump stated that America was not so innocent in that arena – thus the comparison to Russia. It is fine to acknowledge that you respect someone – you can certainly respect someone without liking them - but when President Trump suggested that America was guilty in a similar fashion to Putin, it was a mistake.

Now, in researching content for this segment, I looked only to the Fox News broadcast and website so it is hard to suggest a liberal slant on this report by the national media. It may be that President Trump has a need to be lighter on Russia or to be cordial - but Russia is not our friend. They are a competing super power in a dangerous world.

We do need a coordinated front with Russia to defeat ISIS but beyond that, we don't need to buddy up to them. Hopefully, President Trump sees Russia for what they are and the honeymoon will not last much longer.

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