Tatum Lady Eagles go perfect in the regular season

Tatum Lady Eagles go perfect in the regular season

Last night the Tatum Lady Eagles clinched their perfect 30-0 regular season with a 67-38 win over Center. Now we've seen perfect season's before here in East Texas, but this was a first for Head Coach Patricia Nelson and her Eagles.

"I wasn't even expecting it honestly, I just though we were going to have an okay season. But becoming undefeated really surprised me. I knew we all had the ability, but I'm just proud to be 30-0, undefeated," said Destiny Hicks, senior.

Since the 2016-17 season began in November, the Lady Eagles have defeated roughly 25 teams across the state of Texas; outscoring their opponents by over 950 points.

"Everybody else is just out to beat you and on your back. You just want to keep pushing forward to keep them off your back. It was just a big motivation," said Hicks.

With a loaded bench for Coach Nelson to call upon, the Lady Eagles clear cut standouts are senior Destiny Hicks and junior Brianna Mitchell. Hicks is the leader, Mitchell is the muscle.

"Destiny is the leader, hands down, period. I call her mini me. She thinks I think, so it's nice to have another coach on the court at the same time," said Coach Nelson on Hicks.

"She is going to play the game hard, she is going to ride you if she needs you and then she is going to love you on the back part. i think the girls respect her for that, and even though she is the shortest player on the team you would never know that by her heart. She plays hard every time she is on the court," said Coach Nelson on Mitchell.

Heading into the playoffs with perfection, one would assume there really isn't much to work on. However, like all perfectionist, these girls will tell you everything needs fixing.

"Defense, we let a lot cuts come threw, myself. We got to work on defense, gotta play hard, gotta be running because that's are style of ball. We got to execute on offense," said Bri Mitchell, junior.

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