New bill could legalize liquid cremation in Texas

New bill could legalize liquid cremation in Texas

(KLTV) - The end is inevitable for all of us. When a loved on dies, families must decide whether to bury or cremate their remains. A Texas lawmaker wants to add a third, relatively new option to the list which would use liquid to dissolve the body.

"We are open to all options. We want to be able to help and assist a family do whatever they chose to do," said Rosewood Premier Funeral Home Marketing and Public Relations Director Savoy Fambles.

And a new option, one that leaves less of a carbon footprint could be coming to Texas. It's called alkaline hydrolysis or liquid cremation.

"It is really the same process as regular cremation, it just uses a water process as opposed to fire," Fambles said.

A hyperbaric chamber is used to steam off all soft tissue and organs, leaving bone fragments behind in a flour like white powder.

"And the bone fragments is still going to be returned to family members as ashes," Fambles added.

It's considered more eco-friendly because traditional burial fills a body with formaldehyde or embalming fluid which eventually seeps into the earth and potentially into our water source. Traditional cremation emits fossil fuels into the air.

"The issue of being environmentally-conscious is something that has come to the forefront recently," says Environmental Science Professor Paul Buchanan from Kilgore College.

Environmental friendliness in addition to decreasing burial space has encouraged Texas Representative Sarah Davis to push to legalize this green, liquid cremation here in Texas. It is already legal in 13 other states. The average cost is about $2,000 which is higher than a traditional cremation, but still significantly less than a traditional burial. 

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