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Old Wives Tales: Fact Or Fiction

Mom often knows best, but some of the medical advice she's given you over the years may not be on target. Did she ever tell you if you swallowed gum it will take seven years to digest? Well, if she did, Dr. Bryan Lowery with Mother Frances Hospital says she fed you some false info.

"The lubrication of the intestinal track is the protection of your body to not keep those things in your system," says Dr. Lowery.

Did she ever tell you an apple a day will keep the doctor away? If she did, she was right, but the benefit isn't just with apples, according to nutritionist Mandy Jefferson.

"Any fruit is going to provide you with things you don't get from other foods." Is sitting too close to the TV really bad for your eyes?

"Research says no. You can sit in front of TV or computer for a long time. Your eyes will get fatigued but there is no long lasting damage," says Dr. Lowery.

How about if you cross your eyes, will they really stay that way?

"That is false. People with crossed-eyes usually have muscle problems that cause that to happen," says Dr. Lowery.

Did your mom ever force you to eat fish claiming it was brain food?

"That is true. Fish has good fat, omega three, and that is good for your brain and heart, as well," says dietician Mandy Jefferson.

A few more wives tales revealed. Doctors say going out with wet hair will not cause you to catch a cold. You can only catch a cold from a virus. Also cracking your knuckles won't cause arthritis. And stress and spicy food won't cause an ulcer, they only exacerbate them.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting. mmortensen@kltv.com


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