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6/6/05-Santa Maria, CA

First Full Day Of Deliberations

A Santa Barbara County jury is scheduled to begin its first full day of deliberations today in Michael Jackson's fate in his trial on child molestation charges. The eight women and four men worked two hours Friday after the defense completed its final arguments and the prosecution gave an hour-long rebuttal.

 They will have to wade through 14 weeks of testimony by more than 130 witnesses to determine whether the pop star is a sexual predator of young boys or a victim of a con. Both sides closed their presentations with videotapes.

The defense showed selections from an interview with Jackson, shot at the same time as the documentary that reunited him with the young cancer survivor who's now his accuser. Jackson talked of the joy and inspiration he gets from children and how his fondness for them grew from his own lonely childhood.

On March 10, Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville threatened to revoke the singer's $3 million bail when Jackson showed up 90 minutes late for court after seeking treatment at a local hospital.

The prosecution video showed the accuser, eyes downcast and speaking in a halting whisper, telling detectives in 2003 that Jackson molested him. Jackson's charged with ten felonies.

He was apprently treated for back pain at a hospital yesterday.

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