Better East Texas: Where are the NFL's role models?

Better East Texas: Where are the NFL's role models?

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - There are a lot of things that need to change in the National Football League.

Looking back over the past season, we saw fines for extreme celebrations, a suspension for underinflated balls, inconsistency when dealing with drug-related violations and domestic abuse by players.

The Cowboys had and lost the best chance they have had to succeed in a decade and the Texans had a playoff chance as well. Lots of highs and lows and yet the league is more powerful than ever.

More powerful, but not necessarily more popular.

Ratings for many of the leagues games have dropped while game length has been extended. Officiating has been under scrutiny as well as obvious calls that were missed weekly. This really seemed to have an impact in the playoffs. But it is the NFL as we know it.

While all of these current conditions seem remarkable, what is truly the biggest change in the NFL is the lack of role models that demonstrate high character, solid family values, and lives that are examples for our youth. The influence is still there but the hero examples are made up by a very short list. They have been replaced by slick marketers that rely on social media to show off more than show up. We used to have that in the NFL, more than any other sport, but the sun has set on widespread positive influences.

Perhaps another sport or group of individuals will emerge and become the positive influences of tomorrow. Our youth need heroes.

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