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East Texas school teacher uses home break-ins as teaching moment

Mary Risinger and Class (Source: KLTV News Staff) Mary Risinger and Class (Source: KLTV News Staff)
Alleged Burglar (Source: Mary Risinger) Alleged Burglar (Source: Mary Risinger)
Cedric Stewart (Source: Smith Co Jail) Cedric Stewart (Source: Smith Co Jail)

An East Texas school teacher is using several break-ins to her home as a teaching moment for her students.

Tyler police say the break-ins happened Saturday night in the 1600 block of Magnolia Drive in Tyler. There, police say they arrested Cedric Stewart, who lives nearby and charged him with burglary of a habitation.

That homeowner took us through the video and what she's planning on doing next.

Jones Elementary teacher Mary Risinger is using a word and her situation to leave a lasting message.

"I think that most all of you, if not all of you, know that somebody's been breaking into my house."

She says Stewart is a neighbor who has broken in through doors and windows. She says he’s done it five times in the past two months.

"He stole four TVs," says Risinger. "I would see him on his porch and I know that he could see every time I left and he was often watching." 
She says he took whatever he could get his hands on, even items from her freezer.

"I had a whole bag of these ice pops here and he took all but one," says Risinger.

Even with home security, she says Stewart still broke in. After the fourth time, she put in cameras, and that’s when she caught him on video.

"So on Saturday night I was an hour and a half away, and my phone started going off, and we looked and found this man breaking into the house," says Risinger.

That video led police to an arrest. It might be the end of her ordeal, but it’s the start of a lesson.

“I want you to remember what integrity is. I want you to decide that as you grow up…that you would chose integrity over bad choices,” says Risinger.

Risinger says she plans on speaking with the Tyler Police Department to see if they can visit her class this week.

Police say they are still looking into whether Stewart is connected to other reported break-ins.

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