Better East Texas: Adding up costs for Trump's inauguration

Better East Texas: Adding up costs for Trump's inauguration

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Many of the headlines concerning President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration had to deal with the number of performers or celebrities or even sitting congressmen who opted out of attending the events.

If you start tallying it up, you would conclude hardly anyone was planning on being there. Well, that is a wrong conclusion based on the amount of money raised by Trump's inauguration committee.

The group has brought in more than $100 million to help underwrite the series of events that are associated with the inauguration. Estimates put the total price of the inauguration weekend in the $200 million range. That is a load of money but it is not so different than Barack Obama's or even George Bush's inaugurations when adjusted for inflation.

Much of the expense goes to cover security which is projected to involve more than $28,000 personnel and will cost $100 million alone. And while it is fine for Trump to follow tradition and have a grand celebration, this was a great opportunity to buck tradition – which he has an interest in - and send some of the hundreds of millions of dollars into America where it could make some kind of difference in rebuilding America's infrastructure.

It would have made for great optics if nothing else. Or, some of the money could have been used for improvements in our national cyber-security. Either way, it was a chance to materially change some of the bloated environment of Washington, D. C.

But hey, everyone, including Trump, likes a party.

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