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Gas Explosion In Rusk County

        Some east Texas homeowners had to be evacuated this morning, when a gas line ruptured, causing a fire. It happened near the Brachfield community on county road 3125. That's southeast of Henderson. Fire crews say an "eight-inch" gas pipeline ruptured, causing an explosion and setting the nearby trees on fire. Five homes were evacuated.

    It took fire crews 2 hours to contain and finally douse the gas line fire. Nearby residents told us the blast sounded like a plane crash.

     "I was very nervous, because everything in my house was shaking, the walls the pictures and i just didn't wait around for the happenings" said area homeowner Lynn Akin.

     "I heard a hissing sound then it acted as if you lit a fire, it had a big boom, and it threw me off my feet" said Larry Gilman, who made the 9-1-1 call.

     Investigators believe it could be an old pipe that caused the gas line to blow, but they're still investigating. No injuries were reported.

  Bob Hallmark reporting.

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