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Sink Hole Opens As Elderly Couple Drives Over

  An unexpected drop for an elderly couple driving in Tyler.
  A small sink hole opened right as their car passed over it. It happened in front of the Goodwill Industries office, located on the 400 Block of West Locust Street.
  The front right tire of the couple's car dropped into the hole. Water began to pour out.  Upon investigation, City of Tyler officials found a water main had been leaking underneath the brick, creating the hole. The couple says it was quite the shock.
  "I was making a right turn right here at this loan place," said Ella Mae Campbell. "When I started to turn in all I know is something said bam, boom and down I went.
  Officials believe this was a short term leak and said unfortunately this is sometimes the only way they are found. A crew repaired the leak, filled the hole and the section of Locust Street is open.

Maya Golden reporting,

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