2017 Heart of a Champion Draft Day

2017 Heart of a Champion Draft Day

The FCA Heart of a Champion All-Star game started as a way to bring athletes, from across East Texas, together on the football field.

"We have so much fun together, and we coach so hard together. It's very competitive but we all understand the real reason we are here. We get to be positive influences on kids, and it's all very fun. I'm just blessed to be apart of it," said Ryan Gentry, Paul Pewitt and FCA Red Team head coach.

But entering it's seventh year, the game has not only become a way for the players to fellowship with one another, but also the coaches.

"It's exciting to be able to do that, and get to be apart of this with some guys on your staff. Get to start football early, get to get the brain and the wheels going a little bit. We're looking forward to it," said Paul Gould, Alto and FCA Blue Team head coach.

This season Paul Pewitt's Ryan Gentry will lead the Red Team, while Alto's Paul Gould will head the Blue Team.

"I had a chance to be apart of it as an assistant coach last year, feel like it's a great honor to a head coach this year. It;s always a fun week, and weekend leading up to it. It's fun getting with these coaches throughout and finding the kids that are going to play," said Coach Gould.

"Your crazy if you don't think that both staffs have been working on this for hours already, before we've even drafted kids. Putting things together, what are we going to be scheme wise, who we are going to take, and things like that," said Coach Gentry.

That competitive spirit is not just reserved for football coaches. For the third year in a row, softball will also be apart of the Heart of a Champion weekend.

"We've got tremendous amount of talent here in East Texas. A lot of these girls get to go off and play college softball. To showcase these girls come coming together and doing it for the love of the game, it's really exciting to see these girls compete against each other," said Anthony Springer, Brook Hill and Blue Team (softball) head coach.

"One thing that I like that we did last year and i want to make sure we submit a lot of focus on is our devotionals. Making sure that the the athletes know are main reason for being here is for Jesus Christ and them getting the opportunity to show their gratefulness for the talents that they have," said Ashley Renner, Rusk and Red Team (softball) head coach.

For double the diamond action, baseball will rejoin the group for it's second All-Star game. Their draft is set for next week.

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