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Tyler Senator Says Special Session Unavoidable

Texas school finance reform was to be the highlight of the last legislative session, but the session came and went, and now the talk is, "Special Session". Governor Rick Perry dropped some hints in his visit to east Texas yesterday there is a high probability Senators will be called back to agree on and pass school funding legislation. 

Senator Kevin Elfite is angry and a little embarrassed, that a special session needs to be called at all. Both the house and the senate did pass separate school finance bills, but a compromise was never reached. Now, it has become a numbers game, and Eltife thinks taxpayers and teachers are worth more than numbers.

"It wasn't a big surprise to me, I think that we failed, we failed our teachers we failed our children and our taxpayers. We should have solved school finance reform and lower property taxes and we didn't do it" says Eltife.

Governor Perry will poll the legislators individually, but it is believe to be a given that a special session will be called. 
3 billion dollars in appropriations has been set aside by the legislature, but can't be spent until they agree on where to spend it.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.  bhallmark@kltv.com


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