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Last Minute "Miracle" For "Generations Together"

Its heartfelt prayers were answered.

"Generations Together" is a non-profit daycare for children and the elderly. The group needed major work done to its new children's building before it could open.

Fast approaching the deadline, they thought they might have to close their doors.

"We didn't have any help, it was going to be me with a hammer and we were worried," said Tom King with "Generations Together."

The heat and the back breaking work weren't the only things causing Tom stress.

"We came up to last Tuesday and we did not know how we were going to get this done.

"Generations Together" needed a place to set up shop. The lease was up at their old building. When things looked the worst last week, one member decided the best thing to do was to pray.

"They all sat down, got in the middle of the circle and all had prayer," Tom said, "and when the last one said Amen, literally the phone rang and it was Paula Dillingham for Habitat for Humanity."

All it took was a small army of 15 volunteers from Habitat for Humanity to finish the job.

"They saved our lives," Tom said. "They literally saved our little organization. I mean we could not have, it would have been almost impossible to make it the way things were going."

Habitat For Humanity officials said when they heard of the need for help, there was no question if they would respond.

"We just wanted to know what time and where, to be there to help them," said Cassandra Taylor with Habitat for Humanity.

"To be able to give back to a community that gives to us so much is just amazing," said Sabrina Hartwell, "knowing that its not just going to adults it going to the children as well."

Thursday, Tom King was breathing a little easier. The children will have a new place to make their daytime home.

"I've always said all along that God wanted for this little organization to exist," Tom said, "and every time something like this happens, proves it to me."

Work is still needed on the infant and seniors building. The organization may have to move those groups to a commercial building for two to three months. If you would like to donate or volunteer your time, you can contact Generations Together at (903) 534-3987.

Maya Golden reporting,

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