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Journey to Africa-Day Three


Thursday June 2, 2005
10:20 p.m. Kijabe time
2:20 p.m. in the U.S.

Kijabe is owning up to it’s translation, “place of wind”. Right now the wind is blowing so hard it almost sounds like thunder! The L.E.G.S. team just finished a team meeting. It wasn’t a scheduled one, they ran into some roadblocks today! This morning they continued working on prosthetics for four patients they fit last night. Peter was the first person to get fit with a new leg today. (Remember him? He’s the one that was attacked by a hippo.) Anyways, once it was on, the leg was uncomfortable in some place so there was a number of adjustments that had to be made to get it right. Once he got the right fit, his face just lit up! He was smiling and laughing. At first there was some hesitation walking on his new leg, but once he gained some trust he was walking pretty good. He described the day as “a miracle.”Three other patients, Doris, Magdelene and Rose, were given their new legs but it wasn’t until late in the afternoon because of some of the team’s setbacks earlier on. But L.E.G.S. isn’t losing sight of their goal. They’ve reevaluated how they’re going to make four more prosthetics and have patients walking in them within four days!

Speaking of walking, we have to walk to the clinic each day from our guest house and on the way today we spotted a family of baboons in some trees! It was so neat! Two baby baboons were clinging to their mom and the dad sat higher up in the tree overlooking them. We didn’t think we’d get to spot much wildlife. Plus I really enjoy seeing the exotic foliage and the scenery and landscape here are just breathtaking! Hopefully our photos are doing them some justice.

That’s all for now! Back to business tomorrow!

Rose is getting measured for the alignment in her stump. It’s a critical step in determining how to build the custom-made prosthetic.

L.E.G.S. Director Dr. Roger Gonzalez tells KLTV 7’s Christine Nelson and Photojournalist Kevin Maples about the progress of project, while the team works in the background to make deadline.

Just one day after Peter was measured for a prosthetic, his new leg was made within 24 hours.

Peter calls this day a “miracle” because after he was attacked by a hippopotamus in January, he thought he would never walk again.

Bunches of bananas blossom on this banana tree near the clinic. It’s not uncommon to see fields of fruits and vegetables growing in Africa.

This exotic landscape resembles the unique foliage that can be all around Kijabe!

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