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Pregnancy Massage Takes Away Pain

Shanda Troquille is six months pregnant and she can't wait to lie down for a special pregnancy message. "That's probably one of the best things about the pre-natal massage for me because of the special pillow. I can lay on my stomach for that brief period of time," she says. Shandra's baby causes her body a lot of pain. Her bones and muscles are all moving and strained carrying the weight of the child. But this massage is helping to melt that pain away. "It is very relaxing," Shanda says. Renea Davidson specialized in prenatal massage. She says the pain a woman feels often comes from the baby lying on the mom's sciatic nerve. "The pain is due to the baby's pressure on the pelvis. It shifts the bones and it does push into the nerves and it causes pain from the back to the leg," says Davidson. Renea focuses on Shanda's neck, back, legs and arms. "It relieves the stress and makes the blood flow and the toxins are not just sitting in the body, they move out," says Davidson. Renea places special pillows all around Shanda and lies her on a special table to keep the baby safe and make mom feel great. "It takes the weight of the baby away from you so you almost feel not pregnancy. It releases pressure on my back," says Shanda. After an hour, Shanda is fully relaxed from her head to her toes. She's now ready to take on the rest of her day.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.


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