Gift of Love: Noah and Sophia

Gift of Love: Noah and Sophia
Noah can't wait to find a home to call his own.
Noah can't wait to find a home to call his own.

(KLTV) - It was a fun afternoon of picking out a favorite stuffed animal at Build a Bear for 2-year-old Sophia and her 1 and a half-year-old brother Noah. Sophia says she just wants a family to "share kisses with."

"Sophia is busy. She's always on the go. She's really outgoing. She loves to meet new people. She walks up to everyone she sees and starts a conversation with them,"CPS conservatorship caseworker Corinne Kaine said.

Sophia is independent and likes to explore and try new things. She is a sweet and happy little girl most of the time.

"She loves to play with dolls. She loves to play kitchen. She loves to cook. She loves to eat. She eats everything," Kaine said.

Sophia also faces some developmental delays and they are still learning the extent of those delays.

"She's just starting to talk now. and that's been in the past few months but even despite her delays she's really smart. She's really curious. She likes to see how things work," Kaine said.
Younger brother Noah, also faces several obstacles. He was born three months premature and has Chronic Lung Disease. Also, he has a chromosomal disorder and has been diagnosed with a 15th chromosome deletion.

"Noah is the total opposite. He is shy and reserved. He loves to cuddle. He loves to sit in your lap," Kaine said.
Noah always appears to be in a good mood and likes to smile and laugh.

"He likes animals, he loves Mickey Mouse. He really loves to play with his sister. They are getting along really good," Kaine said.

Noah and Sophia will benefit from a family that can see to it that their medical needs are met.

"They are so amazing and I just really want them to find a home that will love them forever," Kaine said.

A family that will show Sophia and Noah the Gift of Love.

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