Better East Texas: President-elect must resist the bait

Better East Texas: President-elect must resist the bait

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - President-elect Donald Trump continues to use Twitter as a very effective way of communicating what is on his mind.

We have seen job growth notices, foreign relations talking points and a load of other tweets that are critical of other governments, the media and even individuals.

Twitter has never been more popular. But at some point, Trump needs to resist taking the bait when someone criticizes him.

Recently, actress Meryl Streep used her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes to criticize Trump. She didn't call him by name but it was obvious of whom she was speaking. Trump responded and really attacked her with some cutting words.

Trump took the bait. When he acts like this, especially towards individuals, he comes across as a bully – there is no softer way to package it.

If this were a teenager rambling on social media, parents would act by pulling their phone. As president, Trump needs to let his team handle responses if he feels he must respond but honestly shouldn't. His attention be on any number of other things as he prepares for his presidency. Trump truly has the potential to rewrite much of how D.C. operates but a president lowering himself into the gutter to respond to personal attacks from entertainers is not the kind of action that fosters good will in circles that he will need connection with.

Just resist and don't take the bait because the attacks will only get worse. It is a lesson for all of us to use our words to respond with dignity if we feel we need to respond at all.

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