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Suicide Bomb Kills At Least 20

Suicide car bombings in Iraq have killed at least 20 people today. The most devastating attack killed at least 12 people at a restaurant in a town south of Kirkuk.

A police official says the bomber followed a group of bodyguards for a Kurdish leader. The guards were eating at the restaurant when the blast hit. One guard died and six were wounded. The restaurant's owner says in seconds, his business "was turned into twisted wreckage and rubble." A hospital official in Kirkuk says a second suicide car bombing killed four bystanders and wounded at least eleven others.

The U.S.  military says the blast targeted a convoy of SUV's carrying civilian contractors. The military says no one in the convoy was hurt. Another suicide bombing northeast of Baghdad killed four people, including a municipal political leader. A police official says three of his bodyguards also died.

The military says another American soldier has been killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq. In  statement says the soldier was assigned to the Second Marine Expeditionary Force in western Iraq and was killed yesterday when bomb went off near his vehicle. It happened near the volatile city of Ramadi. The military says another solider died of non-battle-related injuries in the northern city of Kirkuk.

At least 16-hundred-65 American service members have died in Iraq since the war began.

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