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Governor Signs Workers' Comp Bill

Governor Rick Perry made a stop in Tyler late this afternoon.

He was at Trane to sign the workers' compensation reform bill. Also there was the bill's author, Senator Todd Staples of Palestine.

The legislation will return injured employees back to health and back to work. It will lessen the paperwork and red tape that healthcare providers used to require. In addition, the bill will reduce the cost for employers, so that more businesses can provide the coverage their employees need.

"Our compensation for workers was well below the national average," Perry said. "With this change in the law, we'll be up above the national average."

"Businesses came and said they have not come to Texas because of the high worker comp costs and they have not expanded because of the worker comp costs," Staples, (R) Palestine, said.

Right now, Texas is the state with the third highest workers' comp costs.

Julie Tam, reporting.


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