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Journey To Africa-Day Two


Wednesday, June 1
11:04 p.m. Kijabe time
3:04 p.m. in USA

It's Madaraka Day here in Kijabe (pronounced ma-da-DOCK-uh... took me a few tries but I got it down), where the people are celebrating the anniversary of the country's independence. People usually take the day off to recognize the holiday but the Kenyan prosthecists at the Bethany clinic and the L.E.G.S. team were back in the lab by 8 o'clock this morning! They started making new prosthetic parts for the next round of patients. They sawed and sanded plastic blocks into the shape of the foot. And the same material is used to make the knee of their ways to keep the cost of the prosthetic low for the patients. It gets pretty loud in the lab when all the machines are running at the same time! More patients came to the clinic to get fitted today. One man, his name is Peter, he had to get his left leg amputated after a hippopotamus attacked him and bit his leg off. It happened only 5 months ago! He wasn't originally a patient they planned on fitting. He heard about what the L.E.G.S. team was doing at the clinic and came right over to get help. The word is spreading fast here, so it's making this trip even more worth its while!

There are so many neat things happening here I can't wait to get back so you can see it with your own eyes! Well it's getting late here and we're going to have another early start!


(It means "goodbye" in Swahili)


Each morning the L.E.G.S. team and the prosthecists at Cure International's Bethany Crippled Children's Centre start they day with a daily devotional. They sing songs and read passages from the bible.

This is 27-year-old Peter. He was attacked by a hippopotamus in January and is getting fitting for a new L.E.G.S. prosthetic. He'll be walking again as early as Saturday or Sunday.

KLTV 7's Christine Nelson looks on as the L.E.G.S. team and Bethany prosthecists discuss the best way to make a create an effective socket for the Peter's prosthetic.

This is Doris. She is 12-years-old and says she lost her leg in an accident. She's excited about getting a new leg after she saw a fellow patient at the Bethany Centre walking in his new L.E.G.S. prosthetic.

KLTV 7's Christine Nelson and Photojournalist Kevin Maples getting a chance to take in the scenery at an altitude of about 8,000 feet!

Some L.E.G.S. team members hiked inside Kijabe's Rift Valley and came across this giant waterfall! They were still soaking wet when they returned to the guest house.
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