Gift of Love: Selena

Gift of Love: Selena

(KLTV) - It was an afternoon of discovery and Selena and me made our way through the Brookshire's Wildlife Museum. Selena loves to watch dramatic shows. She enjoys going on outings with her school and her family, such as the rodeo, movies, and sporting events.

"She's a very happy child. She loves to interact. She loves to be nosy. She is the typical 13 year old girl. She loves boys, " Selena's nurse Jillian Plemons said.
Selena loves to laugh and make those around her laugh too. She likes receiving attention and loves hugs. Selena enjoys watching other children play and will reach for them as they move past her.

She loves to swim, she loves to shop. She loves to go to the zoo," Plemons said.

Selena is a child with special needs who is wheel chair bound and requires a feeding tube.

"She has cerebral palsey so she is unable to walk. She is unable to crawl. She can not take care of herself at all. She needs 24 hours care," Plemons said.

She will need special attention in areas such as communication, self-care, getting along in social situations, and school activities. A family that likes to be on the go would be a good match for Selena.

"Just someone that will take the time to interact with her, involve her," Plemons said.

And most importantly, show Selena the Gift of Love.

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