Proud of East Texas: Debbie Reynolds

Proud of East Texas: Debbie Reynolds

(KLTV) - In 1991, Joan Hallmark had an exclusive interview with actress Debbie Reynolds.  The long life of "Singing In the Rain" was discussed as well as daughter Carrie Fisher and her career.

Few would argue that the legacy in the movie making left by Debbie Reynolds will be lasting.

Here is an excerpt from Joan's interview in 1991:

Debbie: "Every generation seems to discover "Singing in the Rain" because it's such a spoof on Hollywood and it's lasted  That was made in 1951, so here we are in 1991."

Joan: And in the year 1991, Debbie Reynolds can look back on 40 years of memorable movie making.

Born Mary Frances Reynolds in El Paso in 1932, she moved with her family to Burbank, California when she was 8.  A beauty contest that changed her life and her name put her in the movies and Debbie Reynolds became one of the brightest stars on the Hollywood horizon.

But Debbie's private life lost its glitter with marriage to Eddie Fisher who left her for Liz Taylor and a second marriage to Harry Karl, who wasted most of Debbie's performing salaries.

A song from daughter Carrie Fisher's movie "Postcards from the Edge" perhaps shows the real Debbie Reynolds best.

Debbie: "I'm still here...I do that in my one woman show all around the country...entertain like Liza Minelli and all that. So that really was a story I suggested to Carrie to use and of course Shirley loved it and yes I'm still here and I hope I'll still be here for a long time."

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