Neighbors, citizens react to Rangerette kidnapping

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Though an East Texas woman is safe and unharmed after being kidnapped, questions around about what happened remain.

It was Thursday that a Kilgore College Rangerette was kidnapped at gunpoint from her Longview home.

She managed to escape, and her accused abductor, who was arrested, was later released on bond.

Now, neighbors and Kilgore residents have questions about what this was all about.

Longview police were called initially to what they thought was a robbery in progress at a home in the 2100 block of Airline drive.

"We had several agencies assisting, and they left the location, the victim was able to escape at some point and contact authorities," says Longview
police officer Kristie Brian.

Kidnapped, was 19-year-old Alexa Evonne Blair, a Kilgore Rangerette, and the daughter of the Rangerettes director.

57-year-old Nancy Alice Motes was arrested Thursday night by the Longview police department, and booked into the Rusk County jail on an aggravated kidnapping charge on Friday.

One of Motes neighbors can't believe it happened.

"I heard that somebody was kidnapped, I heard it was a Rangerette, but I didn't know it was around here. That's a little too close to home. You never
expect it here in a little town like this," says neighbor James Collins.

Longtime Kilgore residents, like the Walker family, don't know what to make of the abduction.

"I don't know why anyone would want to kidnap a Rangerette. I read the name and said that's the daughter. Somethings up with that," says Charlie

And puzzled that Motes is free.

"I'm shocked she's let out so early, a day, two days?," Charlie says.

"You don't hear things like that, and you go why? Why would you take a young girl," says Myrtle Walker.

Some worry the mental scars it will leave behind on Alexa.

"That's going to hurt her for the rest of her life, she's going to have so many memories," says Myrtle.

Motes was released after posting on a half-million dollar bond.

Authorities say Blair was physically unharmed.

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