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Click It And Still A Ticket? Lindale Woman Wears Seat Belt, Still Cited

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is running an advertising campaign called "Click It or Ticket." 

Narrator: "Seat belts save lives, that's why law enforcement officers are on Texas streets and highways looking for people who aren't buckled up."

The advertising campaign is all over television.  It's all an effort to get Texans to buckle up.

On Saturday, Sheila Kennedy went for a drive.  Her belt was clicked, but it wasn't long before she was pulled over.

"I said 'Sir, what's the problem? Why did you pull me over?  And [the Lindale Police officer] said, well, I didn't see you with your belt on." 

She was given a ticket by Lindale Police for improper use of restraint. What Sheila didn't know, was clicking the belt isn't all the law requires.

"I pull it down to about [my bicep]. And I'm still restrained down. It's clicked," she told us. 

Lindale Police did not want to comment on camera but Chief Sheryl Bolton says two officers were unable to see Sheila's belt and that's why they stopped her.

Officer James McCraw of the Tyler Police Department explains the law.

"The law states that you have to wear your seat belt according to the manufacturers recommendation. You must wear the lap and shoulder system properly," he says.

In Sheila's owners manual, it states the shoulder belt must be worn on the shoulder. Sheila sees the ads on TV and says folks are confused.

"The law states, 'Click It Or Ticket.' Mine was over me, it was clicked."

Sheila says she's still going to fight the ticket, saying there's conflicting information out there. She just wants others to be warned you have to do more than just click it.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.


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