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Journey To Africa-Day One


Tuesday, May 31
6:30 pm Kijabe time
10:30 am in the U.S.

After a day and a half of traveling we finally made it to Kijabe, Kenya! The L.E.G.S. team has already been hard at work--so far they have fitted 6 patients. They're still making prosthetics for some of them but when we arrived two other patients were already working with a therapist wearing a L.E.G.S. prosthetic! One of them, his name is Kenneth, he had his leg amputated when he was 3 years old... he rolled into a fire and it burned his left leg so bad doctors had to amputate. But the L.E.G.S. team says his amputation was not "clean." That means the muscles weren't tied to the bone properly, so there's only skin surrounding part of the remaining bone, and it's hurting a little bit to walk with a prosthetic on. But the team is optimistic and feels with some minor changes to his prosthetic they can make it comfortable for him to walk on his own!... instead of the stick (no not a crutch a stick) that he's been using for the past 18 years! The team is done only for the day and will be resting up to start again tomorrow. We are staying in a guest house for visiting doctors and missionaries. It sits right along the Rift Valley where we have a view of the mountains and volcanoes (don't worry they're not active!). It is certainly amazing to see!!

So we're looking forward to more productive days here and seeing the smiles on patient's faces when they get to home with a new leg! Until tomorrow...


L.E.G.S. team member David Eaton walking with 10-year-old Timothy as he tests his new L.E.G.S. prosthetic! He caught on fast!

TL.E.G.S. team members Caleb Roepke and Yong-Jun Chun assisting a Bethany Crippled Children's Centre prostheticist while he laminates the socket of a L.E.G.S. prosthetic.

This is 21-year-old Kenneth wearing a prosthetic for the first time since he was amputated at 3-years-old. The L.E.G.S. prosthetic will eventually replace the stick he was using to walk with.

This is one of many outdoor markets we passed while driving from Nairobi to Kijabe.

After a hard day's work the L.E.G.S. team walks back to the guest house, which overlooks scenic Rift Valley.

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