Better East Texas: 'Tis the season to give

Better East Texas: 'Tis the season to give

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Local and national charities need your help. This is the time of year when numerous nonprofit organizations begin outreach initiatives to raise money to help those in need through the holidays and into the next year.

It was unique and inspiring when Dallas Cowboys Running Back Zeke Elliott jumped into the giant Salvation Army kettle at a Cowboys home game.

Thankfully the NFL did not fine him but he did commit to giving a donation to the Salvation Army. But, as I stated, this is a time of year when charities need your help and commitment. This year more than ever.

Perhaps it is just the changing landscape on how people give but it appears that more nonprofit groups than not are in trouble as giving has contracted while needs have expanded. I am aware of several right here in East Texas that will not be able to fully meet their goals and will ultimately have to reduce the services to those in need.

I heard also that there has been a shortage or volunteers – manpower – to help charities physically meet needs. It is to the point that fewer and fewer bell ringers have participated in ringing the bells at prominent locations for the Salvation Army.

So whether it is a donation to your church or religious outlet or to your preferred charity or just to be part of the solution, make a commitment in 2017 to step up and give.

It is, perhaps, the most important resolution we can make and doing so will absolutely make for a Better East Texas.

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