Better East Texas: Christmas doesn't have to be challenging

Better East Texas: Christmas doesn't have to be challenging

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Well, here it is the week before Christmas.

With all the hoopla starting before Thanksgiving with every incentive offered as a reason to shop and spend early, many of us still have last-minute gift needs.

Think about it. You have black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, Free Shipping Friday – every reason to get it done and yet, many of us still manage not to. Whether it be reluctance to buy, financial constraints or just the desire to buy something people will like, Christmas is challenging.

"Christmas is challenging. But it could be and should be much different."

But it could be and should be much different.

This is the time of year when we seem to go out of our way to wish people season's greetings or a Merry Christmas. We also consider giving to a need more this time of year – helping with some kind of outreach or service others. And really shouldn't that be the primary, not secondary reason for this time of year?

I don't say that to guilt anyone, but only to have us all consider what makes the holidays stressful and then step back and see those things that would make the holidays more meaningful. Remove or minimize the stressors and magnify the meaningful.

We hear of making America great again like we are dependent on our elected leaders. Not so. What will make this holiday and every day moving forward special are meaningful relationships with people that we know and even some that we don't know – a true gift exchange.

And that will make for a Better East Texas – Merry Christmas.

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