Better East Texas: Examining Trump's cabinet picks

Better East Texas: Examining Trump's cabinet picks

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - President-elect Donald Trump continues the parade of potential cabinet appointees to Trump Tower in New York.

The system seems to work, although it is very public which adds pressure to the deadline for decisions. But Trump seems to be keeping the pace.

Unfortunately, while he is making progress on cabinet appointments, he has several unresolved topics that will eventually need his full attention. The first is that he still has not released his tax statements. At this point, it really doesn't matter but it would help quiet the speculation that he has some kind of questionable ties to Russia.

Next is that he has pushed back the rollout of his plan to show how he will avoid having a conflict of interest between his businesses and the office he is about to take. He set the first deadline and has now kicked the can down the road. This is a real concern as we cannot have a president that is influenced one way or another by personal business interests. It may be a pipe dream but he needs to present this sooner than later.

Finally, we see that Mister Trump has selected former Texas Gov. Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy. Now, Gov. Perry will be the head of the very agency he vowed to abolish. Almost all of these moves are atypical but that is what the Donald Trump presidency appears to be all about.

Let's hope that America truly is the benefactor of these strange days.

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